Spain Trip // Barcelona

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Last year, Anthony and I took our last big trip for a while when we went to Spain! We were there for about 2 weeks, and flew into Barcelona where we stayed for several days. We decided to rent a car while we were there so we could venture out of the cities we were staying in, and visit some cool looking places we had looked up beforehand. After Barcelona, we drove to Valencia, and after a few days there we then went to Madrid where we stayed the remainder of our trip.

I was about 2 months pregnant at the time and hadn't told anybody but my family and a few close friends. Aside from having horrible all-day sickness ("morning" sickness...hah! I wish.), and not being able to drink any Spanish wine or eat some of the different types of food I wanted (soft cheeses, shellfish, etc.), Anthony and I enjoyed our time there exploring each city and immersing ourselves in the culture.

I am happy to finally get around to sharing some of my favorite photos from our time there!

WHERE WE STAYED: Hotel Casa Fuster

PLACES WE ATE: Ristorante Italiano, A Gianni, Chivuo's, Bar Victoria, L'Eggs, Turris, Buenas Migas.

THINGS WE DID: Walked all around Parc de la Ciutadella, randomly came across and visited the Picasso Museum in the Gothic Quarter, walked to the harbor and along the waterfront, saw famous architecture by Gaudi, took a taxi to the Arena Mall and then walked to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, walked around Poble Espanyol, visited Monestir Sant Pere de Galligants, and explored the village of Besalu.

[Parc de la Ciutadella - Cascada Monumental]

[Parc de la Ciutadella - L'Hivernacle]

[View from the roof of Las Arenas Mall]

[Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya]

[Chivuo´s - Burgers and Craft Beer]

[Poble Espanyol - Glass blower's shop]

[Monestir Sant Pere de Galligants]


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  1. I'm glad you had such an awesome trip. Amazing pictures. Barcelona is one of the places I hope to explore when I go to Europe.

    1. You definitely should! It's so beautiful there with lots of things to see!


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