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Monday, August 03, 2015

I always accumulate lots of photos on my phone throughout the course of a week, and wanted to share some of the randoms with you here.

The heat wave we had been experiencing here was best handled with ice cold watermelon, and as little clothing as possible. We also really enjoyed doing puzzles while listening to some vinyl. That's me at the 39 week mark...just melting.

Our friends Lauren and Oscar got married a couple weeks ago, and, unfortunately, we couldn't make it to the wedding because it was out of town, and so close to our due date. So we toasted them from afar, sending our love and wishing them all the happiness.

I discovered my new favorite dish at a restaurant Anthony and I frequent here in town. This is their fresh taco salad with chicken, and it. is. delicious.

We received several surprise packages in the mail recently from friends, and both contained the sweetest gifts for our little one who should be arriving any day now! It was so nice of them, and made us feel really special to be thought of!

Lastly, getting out of the house is easy when there are so many nice parks in our neighborhood. I love these trees with their pretty yellow blooms at the park we take Riley to. And we just bought a giant blanket to take with us next time so we can picnic in the shade.

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