Friday, July 17, 2015

A couple days ago, our apartment complex had to be tented and fumigated, so all the residents had to stay in a hotel nearby while it was being done. We had to pack up all our food, and make sure all the super important nursery items were out of the house.

The timing wasn't the greatest since Anthony was out of town on a job, and dealing with all the packing when my due date is almost here was pretty exhausting, but at least it was done before we have a newborn on our hands! And also, getting put up in a hotel for a couple days was a nice change.

Our time was spent doing a lot of lounging around, snacking in bed, and watching TV. Riley found a favorite spot on the pull out sofa, and liked watching people walk past the window. And I relaxed in bed browsing websites on the iPad, read my book I brought along, and binge watched Law & Order SVU.

All in all, our brief staycation was a nice little hiatus from apartment living...but it's definitely good to be back home now.

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