My Pregnancy Must-Haves

Monday, June 15, 2015

I wanted to make a list to share with you all the things that were, and continue to be, life-savers for me during this, my first, pregnancy. 

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E - The original, thick body butter. Not the lotion specified for stretch marks. I slathered this stuff on my belly (of course), thighs, butt...all the places I was worried about getting stretch marks, mainly after I showered, or whenever my skin was feeling a bit itchy. And I have absolutely no stretch marks to date!

2. Seagram's Ginger Ale - My first trimester was brutal as far as "morning" sickness went. I put "morning" in quotes because mine was an all day sort of thing. I didn't throw up much though, just felt super nauseous on and off all. day. long. A few sips of this soda when I was feeling pukey, and the ginger and carbonation soothed my stomach temporarily. I also liked that there were less calories, sodium, carbs, and sugars than the other competing brands.

3. One A Day Women's Prenatal One Pill - I opted for this single liquid gel prenatal pill because it had good reviews, and I liked the convenience of only needing to take the one pill, as opposed to having to take both a tablet and a liquid gel in one day, as some brands offer.

4. Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Active Capri Pants - Being a server, I was able to wear these for work, and they were so much more comfortable than jeans, or any other kind of bottoms. The soft band fits comfortably over my belly, or if I want, I can fold the band down and wear it under the bump. I could seriously live in these things.

5. Robek's Super Green Smoothie - During the course of my pregnancy, the only real, solid cravings I've had have been cereal, and smoothies...I can't get enough! I have since become addicted to this particular green smoothie (spinach, green tea, pineapple, soy milk, and non-fat frozen yogurt - yum!), and love that it's a healthy mid-day snack option (I also add the soy protein boost for extra nutrients).

6. H&M Simple Black Dress - This dress is a staple for me because it's something that I can just throw on and wear with little to no fuss. It's also very versatile - I can make the outfit more casual, with a chunky cardigan and ankle boots, or I can dress it up a little with heels and a fitted leather jacket. I love it so much, I bought it in multiple colors!

7. Contour Original Memory Foam Leg Pillow - Anthony brought this home one day for me after I had been complaining about lower back pain and trying to sleep with a spare pillow between my knees a couple nights. This one is the perfect size, since I didn't feel like I needed a full body pillow, and it helped even out my hips while sleeping and lounging on the couch.

8. Gillian & O'Malley Comfy (and cute!) Nursing Bras - The moment I switched to wearing nursing bras (around the 5 and a half month mark), I could have kicked myself for not wearing them sooner! So damn comfortable! I like my bras with at least a little bit of padding, and I found a couple cute yet simple ones at Target for cheap and haven't looked back since.

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